A Must-Have Photography For Your Special Event

If you are planning an event, you will think about whether you must have a photo booth or a roving photography. It is one of the most common questions to get, what is the difference and whom to hire? Hiring a roving photographer to document the event and a photo booth to provide entertainment is best to have them.

What is roving photography?

It is exactly what it sounds like, it is a roaming or roving photography within the event to take photos. The photos will be edited and printed on the sport, so the guests have nice souvenirs to bring home. It is said that some unique features make it juicier. With the instant roving photography service, you may take not only photos, but GIFs, and turn them into physical holographic prints. It is the first in the world.

Plus, you can instantly get a digital copy of your photos without the need to wait.

roving photography

Reasons why hire a roving photographer

You bring the excitement back into the instant roving photographs, by introducing fresh experience. A roving photographer can take not merely photos, but also GIFs of the guests. How to do it? The GIFs are created by the following:

  • Take multiple photos and combine them
  • Take a short and looping video

The GIFs are taken with a professional DSLR camera, created and shown on the tablet on the spot.

By hiring a roving photographer, you have been to many situations where a photographer takes a photo of you. Now, you should think about this: how many times to receive a photo? It is a problem that happens too frequently. The guests don’t get the photos, either because the photographer takes too long editing them or because the photos will be uploaded to a gallery that no one sees.

Who wants to scroll a gallery with a hundred photos to find their own? After a roving photographer takes a photo or GIF, an assistant shows you the shot on the tablet. All you must do is enter a mobile number or email to download it immediately. It is a real game changer because you can share photos while the event is happening continuously.

For events like product launches, it is a huge opportunity for user-generated marketing. It makes great sense that you are getting your photos without having to wait weeks for them. The advancement of technology does a great job of it.